Ten-year-old rape victim delivers baby in India

Refused abortion by Supreme Court, child repeatedly raped by uncle gives birth by Caesarean section.

A 10-year-old sexual abuse victim in India whose abortion plea was turned down by the country’s Supreme Court has delivered a baby.

The child, who was repeatedly raped, had a Caesarean section on T…

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The top 10 states to raise a baby

Raising a baby doesn’t come cheap — and once you add in expenses like doctor appointments and day care, the costs of child-rearing may be more manageable in certain states than others.

New data from WalletHub found that some states have better financial conditions for bringing up baby. The person…

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Baby ‘neck floats’: Latest craze is ‘potential death-trap’, warn experts

They’re the latest baby accessory seen across the internet, but experts are warning of the dangers of baby “neck floats.”

The floats have the potential to be very dangerous because if they deflate, a baby could drown.

“Neck floats for babies scare me to death, and I hope they scare parents…

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